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The parking lot and the stealth engine

October 1, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
Oct. 1, 2014

There’s a shopping center in Durham called the Bull City Market; it’s bounded on the south by West Main Street and on the east by Broad Street, both of which are major roads. The shopping center’s anchor tenant is Whole Foods, which occupies most of the building. The parking lot is nearly always crowded and difficult to negotiate in a car, so when I visit, I usually park on Iredell Street on the center’s back side.

I did that on Monday afternoon, leaving my car beside St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church and ambling south on Iredell on my way to Mad Hatter Bakeshop and Cafe. I hadn’t walked that way in a while, so my eyes were drawn to the fusion Asian restaurant as I strolled; it didn’t seem busy, and I wondered if it had closed.

As I drew abreast with the restaurant entrance, I noticed something out of place. A metal garbage can was sitting in a parking spot nearest the door, blocking any use of the space by vehicles. This seemed to have been a deliberate move made by someone in charge of the restaurant or the shopping center, although I wasn’t entirely sure why.

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