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A very dubious argument about the use of a certain racial slur

May 10, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 10, 2016

Author’s note: This post involves a racial slur and as such may not be appropriate for all readers, especially young ones. MEM

Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,” wrapped up the April 30 White House Correspondents’ Dinner in controversial fashion. He spoke for about 20 minutes, cracking jokes at the expense of many of the politicians and broadcasters in attendance as well as a few, for instance Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who weren’t. TV networks such as Fox and MSNBC got some flack, as did all of print journalism and C-SPAN’s audience.

Some of the wisecracks landed, like when Wilmore referred to Trump’s having said that if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were a man, she’d fare poorly with voters and quipped, “[I]f Hillary Clinton were suddenly a man, her biggest problem would be finding a bathroom she’d be allowed to use in North Carolina.” But most of the jokes went over poorly with the audience, such as when Wilmore joked that Obama and pro basketball player Steph Curry both “like raining down bombs on people from long distances.”

Wilmore worked up to a pretty heartfelt climax. Near the end, he said, in all sincerity, “When I was a kid, I lived in a country where people couldn’t accept a black quarterback. Now think about that. A black man was thought by his mere color not good enough to lead a football team — and now, to live in your time, Mr. President, when a black man can lead the entire free world.”

This earnest sentiment earned Wilmore one of his biggest ovations of the night.

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