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One more favorite podcast, plus a list of other interesting ’casts

August 5, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 5, 2016

Moments after publishing Thursday’s post about my favorite podcasts, I realized that I’d accidentally forgotten to include the newest addition to my podcasting stable, Retail Nightmares. I also realized that I’d neglected to include two honorable mention podcasts. I hereby present an appreciation of Retail Nightmares and a complete list of honorable mentions.

Retail Nightmares, co-ghosted by Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle. Each week, these two Vancouver comedians and “co-ghosts” talk to a comic or otherwise creative/artistic guest about unpleasant (but often amusing) experiences they’ve had either working in or patronizing a restaurant or retail shop. Tobin is one of my favorite guests on the Vancouver-based show Stop Podcasting Yourself, discussed yesterday, and I’m very glad I decided to begin listening to her podcast, which launched in July 2015. At the moment, Retail Nightmares has two recurring segments in which each person in the studio discusses her “Worst Present Ever from a Family Member” (straightforward enough) and her “Puppo of the Week” (also straightforward, except the puppo can be any person or animal that the hosts and/or guest finds adorable). It can be a bit challenging to distinguish Tobin’s voice from Delisle’s at first, but stick with it — the duo has a delightful rapport with each other and with their guests.

Honorable Mention — here are podcasts to which I used to listen regularly. 

Fresh Air, hosted by Terry Gross. This is the excellent nationally syndicated National Public Radio interview show. It’s great stuff, but the show demands a lot more attention than my typical comedy or even sports podcast fare, and I found having five new episodes to listen to each week a bit daunting. This is the only podcast I’ve ever listened to regularly that was repurposed — that is, its material appears on the radio before then being repackaged into a podcast feed.

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My favorite podcasts!

August 4, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 4, 2016

Author’s note: I shared one more favorite podcast and a list of honorable mentions (most of which originally appeared in this post before I made a change) in this post on Friday, Aug. 5MEM

Recently, my Sibling-in-Law asked me which podcasts I enjoy listening to. Here’s a belated reply:

Funemployment Radio, hosted by Greg Nibler and Sarah X. Dylan. This long-running Portland, Ore.–based show, recently voted Willamette Week’s best local podcast, features two refugees from what insiders call “terrestrial radio.” Shortly after they were fired seven years ago, the duo — now in their 30s — launched a five-day-a-week show in which they talk about their misadventures, personal foibles, crazy news stories, local happenings and whatever else catches their attention. This was one of the first podcasts I began listening to regularly. Comedians, friends of the hosts and various Portland personalities often turn up as guests on the show.

The Solid Verbal, hosted by Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein. Stanford entered the 2009 college football season with an unenviable recent history, having suffered seven consecutive losing seasons. But third-year coach Jim Harbaugh was about to turn things around, thanks in part to a talented freshman quarterback named Andrew Luck. The mainstay of the team’s offense that year was a senior running back named Toby Gerhart. The 6-foot-1-inch, 235-pound Norco, Calif., native helped lead the squad to an 8-5 record and racked up new team records for season rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. In the midst of this historic campaign, I had a seemingly insatiable thirst for college football information, prompting me to discover this podcast, which comes out twice a week in season and more or less weekly during the off-season. The hosts are serious about the sport but leaven the show with plenty of humor; there are also copious life tips for recent college graduates and passionate discussions of food, and off-season episodes frequently contain trivia contests. This show won’t appeal to non-sports fans, but it should be catnip to anyone who loves college football.

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Six degrees of separation? Free association inside the mind of a blogger

January 20, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Jan. 20, 2015

It’s funny, some of the things that pop up in my head.

On Monday morning, I was getting ready to leave the house when I suddenly thought about Mrs. Koch, a teacher whom I hadn’t thought about in more than half a lifetime. I was her student — when? In middle school, probably, or else in elementary school.

I’m not sure when or for which class I had her, obviously, but it occurred to me Monday morning to wonder if Mrs. Koch was related to the Koch brothers, the wealthy Kansas conservatives who have become sibling bogeymen for lefty liberal types.

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