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Sunday Scrabble and eavesdropping: Some notes

May 4, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 4, 2016

At least two Sundays a month, you can find me at Saladelia Cafe at 4201 University Drive in Durham sometime around 2 p.m. for a weekly Scrabble get-together. I played two games last Sunday against a pair of new opponents — C— and her husband S—, I’ll call them. They’re college instructors (of what subject or subjects I do not know) who frequently visit the Triangle.

When I arrived, S— was playing one of the other Saladelia regulars, so C— and I took their board and began a game in the next room. I was able to set up a play early on that let me put down Z, a 10-point tile, on a triple-letter-score spot to make ZEE/ZA/ER for 65 points — the equivalent of a bingo — which put me ahead, 117-26, in turn 4. C— got her points in the next turn, however, when she GELATIN/THEN for 67 points of her own, which cut her deficit to a manageable 132-93.

Unfortunately for C—, my tiles went pretty well. After she played NOG for only four points with her 10th move, I had a rack of AEIRSST. I converted that to ARTSIES/NOGS using a triple-word-score spot on the right-most column, giving me 79 points and a very healthy 279-131 lead.

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