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Cheeps and Chirps for March 2017 (catching up)

June 19, 2017

By Matthew E. Milliken
June 19, 2017

More catching up from my Twitter feed!

• ZOMG Donald Trump (and comrades)!

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The atom truly is our friend, Robert Stone argues in pro-nuclear power documentary ‘Pandora’s Promise’

April 4, 2013

Shortly before the screening of his new documentary Thursday morning, Robert Stone took the podium to note that his first movie had opposed nuclear power. In that regard, his personal journey has served as something of a model for those of the five individuals he features in “Pandora’s Promise,” a beautifully shot and well-paced feature-length movie that makes a powerful case for embracing nuclear power.

“Pandora’s Promise” is centered on one journalist and four committed environmental activists; all, like the director himself, opposed nuclear power for much of their adult lives. This is partly because of atomic energy’s early link to nuclear weapons, which devastated two Japanese cities and were test-fired some 2,000 times over the years, one interviewee tells us.

Three disasters involving nuclear plants — Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, Pa., in 1979; Chernobyl in the Ukraine in 1986; and Fukushima in Japan last year — also helped to reinforce public leeriness toward atomic energy. This tendency was embraced whole-heartedly by environmentalists and stoked by popular culture; Stone shows clips of “The China Syndrome,“ which was released shortly before Three Mile Island, and “The Simpsons,” in which the cartoon boob Homer Simpson examines diagrams and wails, “Who ever thought that a nuclear reactor would be so complicated?!” (Interestingly, that film, which starred Jane Fonda, Jack Lemmon and Michael Douglas, came out 12 days before the Pennsylvania plant ran into trouble.)

These mishaps were clearly frightening, and widespread ignorance and misconceptions about radiation did nothing to salve public fears about nuclear energy.

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