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Revisiting Henderson, N.C. — another meandering travel memoir

May 29, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 29, 2015

Earlier this year, I wrote about the first time I ever noticed a small Piedmont city called Henderson, N.C. My early impressions were unfavorable: I was driving north along U.S. 1 Bypass, an unlovely stretch of road bordered by an immense Wal-Mart distribution facility and large churches. In January 2004, about four months after that trip, I ended up living and working in Henderson.

I transferred to a new job in Durham in March 2008; I actually moved to Durham a few months after that. And yet I pass through Henderson fairly frequently.

That’s because at least four or five times a year, I make the round-trip drive from Durham to my childhood (and young adulthood) haunts in the New York metropolitan area. I don’t travel on U.S. 1, but I do take Interstate 85.

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Eyes on Henderson, N.C.: Reminiscing — briefly — about 2003 through 2008 (part 2)

February 18, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Feb. 18, 2015

In my previous post, I described setting eyes on the rural town of Henderson, N.C., in September 2003. To quote myself:

This part of the road isn’t very picturesque, and there aren’t many landmarks there, but a few things stand out. There is (or at least, there was) a giant Wal-Mart warehouse facility on the east side of the route. Also, there are churches on either side of the highway — lots and lots of large churches with large buildings and enormous parking lots.


[A]s I drove along this unlovely stretch of U.S. 1 for the first time in my life, I muttered something uncharitable about how bleak and unappealing the town of Henderson appeared to me.

Of course, the joke turned out to be on me.

Reader, I moved there!

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Eyes on Henderson, N.C.: Reminiscing about September 2003 (part 1)

February 17, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Feb. 17, 2015

On Sept. 20, 2003, I drove over to the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh and bought a ticket at Carter-Finley Stadium. It was a beautiful warm day, and I wanted to watch the N.C. State Wolfpack host the Texas Tech.

The previous year, in a game hosted by the Red Raiders, State had raced to a 38-24 lead after three quarters, only to be outscored, 28-7, in the final period. The Wolfpack was able to win the game in overtime, 51-48, when freshman tailback T.A. McLendon scored his fifth touchdown of the day.

The 2003 rematch proved to be a much more one-sided affair. State took a 28-0 lead and cruised to a 49-21 victory behind four rushing touchdowns from three different players and a solid 18-for-22, 257-yard day from future NFL quarterback Philip Rivers.

But this story really starts after the game. I was ready to drive back north after an extended tour of Florida and other southern venues. First, however, I had to escape the postgame road jam.

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There I was, driving in my car, thinking about a lake named Carr… Err, I mean Kerr

December 18, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
Dec. 18, 2014

On Wednesday evening, I was making a short drive to a local coffee shop. I fiddled with the radio and found myself listening briefly to a North Carolina State men’s basketball broadcast on the school’s flagship station, Raleigh’s 101.5 FM WRAL.

I didn’t listen very long before changing the station, and I didn’t pay much to what I heard, but broadcaster Gary Hahn uttered a sentence that stuck in my mind.

“When you’re feeling it, when you’re a shooter, the basket looks as big as Kerr Lake,” Hahn exclaimed. He was discussing a hot-handed player — presumably senior guard Ralston Turner, who scored 33 points in the Pack’s 83-72 home win over Tennessee.

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