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Pennsylvania pokerpalooza 2019: Part 7

May 31, 2019

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 31, 2019

After busting from the national championship, I headed out from the casino to decompress for a few hours. After whiling away some time in Wilkes-Barre’s main public library and in a local coffee shop that I like, I decided to spend a little time playing at the $1–$2 cash tables.

I spent about two hours, roughly doubling my starting stack of $120 before losing most of my gains. I stepped away from the table after about two and a half hours, cashing in $241 in white one-dollar and red five-dollar chips. Of the specific hands I played during this span, I can tell you approximately nothing. (I think I had pocket jacks and pocket queens and/or pocket kings during this span. But really, that’s about it…)

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I remember raising preflop with pocket nines, possibly from the small blind. The man to my immediate left, in the big blind, reraised, and I called. Much to my delight, the flop included a nine, giving me a set. I bet all my chips, and my foe dithered a bit before calling, apparently against his better judgment. He never showed his hand, but I think he had aces. I raked in quite a big pot.  Read the rest of this entry »

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