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Poker postseason stories, winter 2019: Part 3

March 6, 2019

By Matthew E. Milliken
March 6, 2019

When last I chronicled my poker misadventures, I had just shoved pocket sixes into pocket aces and busted in third place in a tournament of champions at a Saturday-afternoon venue where I rarely play.

Following a pinball-playing interlude, I drove to a Saturday-evening venue where I rarely play. I took possession of a minimum stack — starting chips in TOCs are based on a player’s number of top-three finishes at the tavern that season, of which I had one at this spot — and took a spot at one of three tables that were in use.

I got off to a poor start, losing a non-trivial portion fo my stack pursuing a busted flush draw to the river. Fortunately, because of bust-outs at one of the other tables, I was moved to balance the number of players.

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