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Aug. 25, 2018, mall Scrabble recap, part 3

September 2, 2018

By Matthew E. Milliken
Sept. 2, 2018

I was riding a three-game winning streak going into the seventh round of Saturday’s tournament. The task ahead of me was a rematch against D—, who had narrowly beaten me in the final game of the early session.

Playing first, D— got off to a terrific start with JEWED! 48. (This verb conjugation is rightly considered offensive, as the exclamation point indicates in Scrabble notation.) Holding AAEEFOP, I was only able to retort with OAF/OE/AW/FE 24. D— added to his lead in turn 2 with JINGLED 32; my answer was PEA/PI/EN/AG 20.

My third move garnered a nice score: ZEALOT/FEZ/DE 54, which left me trailing 104-98. But that was the moment where it was all about to go off the rails.

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