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On facing another tough poker end game

August 11, 2018

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 11, 2018

Two of the most memorable hands from Thursday night’s tournament of champions were ones I didn’t play.

Before I get to those, please permit me to recount one that I did. Staring with a high pocket pair, I raised preflop to maybe three times the big blind. (I assume the level was 200–400, which would have made my raise 1,200.) I got four callers.

The flop was jack-jack-something. (That something may have been a nine; it turned out to be irrelevant.) The good news here was that I now had two pairs. The bad news was that a single jack would ruin me.

I needed to find out if danger was lurking, so I made a big bet — maybe 5,800, a little less than the size of the pot. If anyone called, that would signal potential danger. If I got re-raised, then I’d have to give serious consideration to abandoning a premium hand. However, everyone folded, indicating that I was ahead the whole time.

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