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May 2018 pokerpalooza: Day 2, tournament 3

May 24, 2018

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 24, 2018

Author’s note: On June 11, I edited the fifth paragraph, which immediately follows the jump. Originally, the passage had wrongly indicated that the winner of a grinder tournament does not get to keep the chips in front of him or her. As usual, additions are marked with boldface text; deletions, with a strikethrough line. MEM

Misplaying my first pair of pocket aces early Sunday evening seemingly sealed my doom in that deep-stack tournament. My next chance at redemption came Monday afternoon in a fairly unusual style of tournament: A three-hour grinder.

I’m hardly a poker expert, but I first heard of this format two or three years back when World Tavern Poker first used it at one their national events. WTP now stages grinders at all of their opens, as the twice-annual league-wide gathering is called. In fact, this time around, the league scheduled a total of four grinders.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying two things: First, I don’t know if this is an established tournament style played at other poker events; and second, it’s very popular at WTP conclaves.

So what is a grinder? The way this league runs it, it’s a three-hour hybrid of a $1-$2 no-limit holdem cash game and a tournament with limited re-entries. Everyone starts with the same amount of chips, and everyone can re-enter as many times as they want over the first 90 minutes of the competition. The blinds are fixed — that is, they never rise, as they would in a regular tournament, because the point isn’t to winnow the field down until one person has all the chips.

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