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T-shirts and crossed paths: A short (and yet somehow rambling) anecdote

April 9, 2018

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 9, 2018

Author’s note: In the course of a rather prolific month of blogging in February, I put up 14 posts. Unfortunately, my output in March fell to just six posts. In an effort to compensate, I’m going to try to do a few shorter items in April. MEM

One sunny, warm weekday afternoon in 2017, I took a long walk.

I don’t remember if this was in March or June or September. I only generally remember the course I took; it involved heading north from my residence, crossing Interstate 85 and meandering in what I sort of jokingly think of as boreal territory.

What really matters is my return home. When I’d put in about five miles, I came back south on Broad and took the shortcut that I use to get to my residence that bypasses the busy intersection of Broad and Guess Road and minimizes my exposure to the heavily trafficked Guess.

But! Before I get to the actual story in my story, it’s important to note what I was wearing. As friends, relatives and close readers of the blog know:

• I have family in Colorado; and

• when my Parental Unit visits said family, I often will dog-sit for said parent; and

• said parent will thank/reward me by bringing me at least one T-shirt from Colorado.

There are two varieties of these T-shirts. The first variety, of which I currently possess two, marks a visit to a specific attraction in the state. The second variety always says Colorado; for some reason, they’re never labeled Denver or Boulder or any specific community in the state. (That said, my Colorado-residing residents have given me a grey T-shirt labeled Durango.)

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