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Duke Pediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation Program benefit Scrabble tournament: Session 3, Jan. 14, 2018

January 21, 2018

By Maajthew E. Milliken
Jan. 21, 2018

I finished Saturday, the first day of the Duke PBMT benefit Scrabble tournament main event, with a six-game winning streak. I even got a good night’s sleep that evening! So I felt fairly optimistic as I sat down to open the event’s second and final day of play with a rematch against TS.

The tournament’s ninth game got interesting in turn 5 when, playing second, I played ZAG/GLUTE, a 39-pointer that put me ahead, 92-91. TS parried with ToNNeRS/SI, a 64-point bingo that pushed him out to a 155-92 lead. This play wasn’t quite as bad for me as it might have seemed: It came relatively early in the game, it didn’t score a ton and it required my opponent to use both blanks and an S.

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