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June 3, 2017, mall Scrabble recap, part 2

June 8, 2017

By Matthew E. Milliken
June 8, 2017

The fourth game — and the final one of the tournament’s morning session — pitted me against N—, a North Carolinian whom I’d beaten a few months ago in our only previous meeting. I began with a rack of CEGHLTT and started the game by playing TETCH*, a 28-point phony. (TETCHY, TETCHIER and TETCHIEST are valid.)

N— answered with a 28-pointer of her own, COOEED, which I challenged — unwisely, as it turned out. Cooee is, per, “a prolonged, shrill, clear call or cry used as a signal by Australian Aborigines” that has been adopted by that country’s settlers; it can also be a verb meaning to utter the call cooee. Upshot: COOEES, COOEED and COOEEING are all valid, and I forfeit my second turn. The score remained tied, however, as N— used her next move to swap out all seven of her tiles.

The two of us played a nip-and-tuck game until turn 9. I started the round with a rack of AILOSV? and played VOE 9, which tied the score at 146 apiece. N— responded with CORSETE*/LATE, a 65-point bingo.

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