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My password security fiasco: Part 1 of 3

May 6, 2017

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 6, 2017

In April 2014, I wrote about an Internet security flaw and my use of the password manager LastPass. Since then, I joined LastPass’s premium service, which costs what I consider to be an eminently reasonable $12 a year in return for the ability to use the service on my mobile phone.

I try to be diligent about updating important passwords every six months or so. But you know what they say about good intentions — as in, the road to hell is paved with them…

In February, Yahoo issued a warning about hacking that had affected its site. Along with that caution came a wave of articles advising Internet users to change their passwords because of a newly discovered web infrastructure vulnerability. Since it was about time to update the entry codes on my accounts anyway, I spent the last night of the month at home getting started on just that arduous task.

One of the passwords I changed was the one on my LastPass account — my master password, as they call it. Unfortunately, when I went to log in to LastPass a day or two later, I found that I couldn’t remember my password.

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