Notes on my musical preferences

March 15, 2017

By Matthew E. Milliken
March 15, 2017

Last summer, I wrote about my favorite podcasts. Now, some notes on my iTunes/smartphone musical preferences.

(What’s iTunes? I imagine you asking. It is, of course, the free piece of Macintosh audio software that served as a precursor to Apple’s immensely popular iPod portable digital music player. It’s frequently used to organize personal music and video collections, but it also launched podcasts as a communications medium.)

When iTunes was first put out, back in 2001, many new computers had built-in CD players, which people would use to digitize (rip, in the vernacular) their music collection. (That started to change after people began acquiring music through the Apple Music Store and other Internet-based means, thereby entirely bypassing the need to pick up a physical copy at the once-thriving type of business known as the record store.)

Back then, I happily popped discs into my candy-colored iBook and imported the songs. To this day, music that I originally obtained on CDs constitutes the core of my digital music library. And many of those CDs, dear reader, were movie soundtracks — more specifically, recordings of orchestral scores from science fiction albums.

I don’t love everything about the way that iTunes organizes its library, in part because it costs songs that I’ve labeled as Soundtrack/Electronica or Jazz/Soundtrack as belonging to entirely separate genres than songs labeled merely Soundtrack. Still, the following numbers will give you some insight into my library: I have 930 songs under the Soundtrack genre; the next most prolific genre, Rock, has 467 songs.

But something happened in the past, oh, four or five years: I mostly stopped listening to music on my computer and smartphone in favor of listening to podcasts. Occasionally, if I’ve run low on fresh podcasts, or if I’m feeling a huge need for some kind of pick-me-up, I’ll put on some music. But that rarely happens more than once or twice a month.

What does this say about me? I don’t know. Maybe the increasing reliance on podcasts over music is because I subconsciously decided that I needed more laughter or conversation in my life. Or maybe there’s no real reason at all.

At any rate, that’s where I am these days!

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