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Nov. 12, 2016, Scrabble tournament recap: Part 1

November 19, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
Nov. 19, 2016

The Nov. 12 Scrabble tournament in Durham was once again staged at the Northgate Mall. Fortunately, I got a decent’s night sleep this time around; unfortunately, I didn’t get an early enough start to be able to walk over to the venue.

My first game was against N—, who started the event with a rating of 911, substantially higher than my 730. I went first and opened with WAB 16 after drawing AABESW?. (An unplayed blank is listed as a question mark; when played, it appears as a lowercase letter.) N— took a small lead with her first play, EDIT/AD/BI 21.

I had a nice word in the third turn: JEAnS 45, which put me up, 76-52. (As it happens, this would be the highest-scoring word of the game.) But N— went ahead again after five turns following two strong moves in a row: GROW 29 and EYE 30.

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