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Step and pivot: Musings on sleep, weightlessness and the exercise machine of my dreams

July 19, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
July 19, 2016

People often say that dreams of flying give them a wonderful sensation of being weightless. I too occasionally dream about moving through the air, but I have a slightly different association between sleep and weightlessness.

Sometimes when I’m falling asleep, I feel as though I’m drifting in space. It’s a seductive feeling, and often the moment I become aware of the sensation overlaps with the moment unconsciousness overtakes me.

At other times, when I’m struggling to fall asleep, I try to simulate the sense of weightlessness. I do this by imagining what it feels like to be floating in water or suspended in microgravity. On some occasions, I’ll think about being on a bicycle that’s effortlessly rolling downhill; on others, I’ll think about how it feels to ride in a car or airplane, or what it might look like if I were somehow traveling with my eyes alongside the wheel of a moving bicycle or car.

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