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More tales of free poker: The hungry and disgruntled player

July 13, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
July 13, 2016

The evening started off well enough. In an early hand against a man named Aziz, whom I know sometimes plays junk, I started off with the ace and jack of diamonds and hit a jack on the flop, which gave me top pair and top kicker. He went all in following either the turn or the river, and after thinking, I decided to commit. He had nothing better than a low pair, and I raked in a nice pot.

The game progressed, shrinking from four tables to two. (I was seated at the same table throughout the tournament.) About once an orbit, I would be dealt a pair, and I continued to bet aggressively on them — I usually went all in, because my stack was respectable but modest compared to what other folks had. Everyone kept on folding, leaving me to collect only the blinds, which isn’t great but is better than losing.

A boisterous player named Jon arrived, the very same man who had gotten me involved in World Tavern Poker in the first place, albeit indirectly — although that’s a story for another time. (It isn’t all that interesting, frankly…) Around the same time, we hit the 5,000–10,000 blind level. The tournament director, a.k.a. the TD, removed the black chips from the table, leaving us with only white chips, which have a nominal value of 5K.

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