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June 2016 pokerpalooza: Day 1, tournament 2

June 9, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
June 9, 2016

Deep stack tournament, Sunday evening, June 5, 2016. After a slow start, I hit a long stretch where nearly everything I do seemed to work out. I didn’t score a lot of huge pots, but I built my stack with nearly every hand I played.

One of the players at my table was a personable fellow from Asheville, N.C., named Joey. We started chatting and I stopped paying close attention to what was happening on the table when I wasn’t in a hand. Since I didn’t know any of the other players, my distraction meant I wasn’t learning as much as I could have been about my rivals’ tendencies and tells.

My trouble started when I played queen-10. They were suited, I think, and I may have been in the blind. The board gave me a straight draw, and Joey and I bet against each other.

Then I made a mistake. I tried to push Joey off the pot by betting the river even though the fifth card hadn’t completed my straight.

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