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The blogger, the dogger and the peanut-butter jar: An Everyday Mystery™ brought to you by

June 7, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
June 7, 2016

Sometimes, we stumble across an Everyday Mystery™ but we never learn what really happened and/or why. This isn’t a whodunit kind of thing — it’s something more pedestrian, like What happened to that cat that kept meowing in the middle of the night? or Why was that driver signaling for a right turn as he made a left turn from a dedicated left-turn lane? or Was that person waving at me, or at someone behind me? or Did that person see me trip and flail my hands, or did she think I was waving at her? (A secondary mystery in the case of that last, um, case, would be And which possibility is more embarrassing for me?)

Sometimes, however, we stumble across an Everyday Mystery™ and we do learn what happened and/or why. Such was the case about two weeks ago while I was dog-sitting my adorable sister, Lucky the yellow Labrador retriever.

Lucky’s (and my) Parental Unit has a long-standing practice when the dog is being left at home: P.U. gives the dog a treat. My late sister, Sunshine the all-American dog, got an edible thingamabob that was shaped like, and probably marketed as, a stick, so we took to calling this parting gift (as it were) a see-you-later stick.

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