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Straight out of a nightmare: On royalty and ruin in Texas holdem poker

June 5, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
June 5, 2016

Author’s note: The following post contains imprecations and “curse words” that may not be appropriate for younger readers. MEM

I recently wrapped up a very enjoyable stay at the home of my parent, part of which involved walking the dog. Some of it involved visiting with old friends (“visiting with” — a phrase I may have picked up down South), while some of it involved playing poker.

This has been a generally lackluster season of play for me, but I managed to pick up four wins in about three weeks up north. But as is so often the case, in some ways, the most memorable hand in these no-cash poker tournaments wasn’t one where I struck it big.

Picture if you will a moderate-sized Irish bar in the New York City exurbs on a mostly quiet Wednesday night at the very beginning of June 2016. The poker crowd is modest — just a dozen players for the early game, 11 for the late one.

I notched a third-place finish in the first tournament and limped along in the second one until I started hitting a few big hands (what they were, I no longer have any idea!) after we’d eliminated about a third of the field.

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