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A tiny bit more gloating, and about that hourly activity tracker…

May 28, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 28, 2016

Author’s note: I updated a paragraph in this post on May 30, 2016. As usual, additions are marked with boldface text; deletions, with a strikethrough lineMEM 

On Tuesday evening, a few hours after publishing my previous blog post, I received a message from my niece, through her mother:

“[A—] says she just synched her Fitbit — in your face!!”

I checked the appropriate smartphone app and found that the youngster had indeed risen above me in the standings. But only by a little bit.

“Eh, maybe I’ll get her tomorrow!” I replied.

And for much of the ensuing week, I have. As I wrote on Tuesday, I’ll try to enjoy this brief moment of glory while it lasts.

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