Postscript to ‘Notes on the end of one man’s life’

April 30, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 30, 2016

Although I’ve blogged extensively about my play in Scrabble tournaments over the past few years, and sporadically about “unofficial” Scrabble games, I don’t believe I’ve chronicled a game against F— on this blog. He was a far better player than I, so we never met in tournament competition. (I’ve always participated in the lowest-ranked division.)

The last occasion on which he and I played in casual circumstances was in 2013. That contest was memorable mainly because F— played QUOTH, with the H in the right-most column. I used that and a rack of DEMOT?? to play MOTHEreD for a triple-triple — that is, the M and the D both occupied triple-word-score spaces, meaning that my play’s base score was multiplied by six rather than three. The word generated 158 points and helped springboard me to a 369-319 win.

It was a win that I was lucky to get. Here’s to you, F—.

March 17, 2013, Scrabble game final board

The final board of a casual game of Scrabble played on March 17, 2013, between the author and F—.


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