Cheeps and Chirps for April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 26, 2016

Here are some recent odds and ends from my Twitter feed. I hope that “Cheeps and Chirps” will be a semi-regular feature on my blog. (Ideally, it’ll be more regular and less semi than “Recent Readings”…)

• Check out this great hockey name!

• Aging man (almost) yells at kid. On Wednesday, I saw a bicyclist (I think she was a college student) bicycling with her helmet dangling from her handlebars. I had to restrain myself from scolding her. #GetOffMyLawn #AgingManYellsAtKid (Except I didn’t actually yell at her.)

• About that pitcher who was fired by ESPN last week… Curt Schilling, who has regularly made a habit of posting right-wing memes on social media that disparage Muslims, the LGBTQ community and liberals — excuse me, libtards — in general, recently lost his job. Unsurprisingly, right-wingers rallied around him. I attempted to remind conservatives that their hero of the moment had extracted $75 million from the coffers of the state of Rhode Island for a video game company that was a tremendous bust — hardly embodying the free market that conservatives claim to reveal. But hey, it’s OK to tout Schilling as a conservative icon as long as he regularly hates on lefties and queers, right?!

This old Saturday Night Live skit would be…problematic today. And rightfully so.

• Here are some important Star Wars jokes tied to a topical event of the day! Ah, I remember Harriet Tubman being announced as the new recipient of a spot on U.S. currency as if it were just last week…

• Kuwait has announced plans to sample the DNA of all residents and visitors. This is an interesting social experiment. I sure am glad that it’s not happening anywhere near my part of the world…

I reviewed Gattaca back in 2013.

• Here’s a bad joke that I made the other day!

• Scope out this RED HOT TRAFFIC TAKE. 

• I found someone weird on Twitter. He wants to, uh, “expose anti-semitism and the Holocaust Hoax”… Wait, he’s against anti-Semitism and the Holocaust Hoax?! I’m going to steer clear of this joker.

• I saw a dump truck on Ninth Street in Durham, N.C., on Monday… It was driven by a man. The passenger seat was empty. The passenger seat, I happened to notice, was covered by fabric that sported a very prominent pink flower. (To be clear, this was part of the design of the seat cover.)

Color me surprised.

• Shout out to hideous 20th-century automotive aesthetics!

• Here’s the back of a truck that I saw on Monday! 

• Here’s a Passover joke!

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