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Mall Scrabble: Part 3

April 17, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 17, 2016

Going into the seventh game out of a total of eight, my 5-1 record with a modest spread had me positioned to finish at almost any point in the Division C rankings. It all depended on how I played.

My opponent in the penultimate contest was S—, a man in his late middle age who was participating in only his third tournament. I’d narrowly beaten S— in January while he was playing in only his second official competition (not, as I’d erroneously implied in my post, his first tournament).

I got off to a brisk start by playing FREAK for 34 points, and I held a modest lead of 63-56 going into turn 6. At that point, I had a rack of EGORST?, which I did not like. Generally, it’s hard to bingo with an O — although when I sat down to write this recap, I realized that I could have made STORaGE. Instead, I played LOG for 4 points. S— traded in four tiles; it was the second time in a row that he’d swapped out four letters and the third time in the young game he’d made that precise trade.

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