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Condition: Grounded (or, How I deciphered one of life’s little mysteries)

March 31, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
March 31, 2016

On Monday evening, I went to a local coffee shop and spent some time finishing up my post about Lewis Shiner’s debut novel, Frontera. When I left, I walked south on Foster Street toward my car. I passed the new building that’s going up on the former site of the historic Liberty Warehouse. It’s opposite a vacant building (once occupied by a Minor League Baseball office, I’m given to understand) that’s apparently destined to be home to another multipurpose building.

These sites are next to Durham Central Park, which is split roughly in half by Foster. I’d left my car on Hunt Street, which forms the park’s southern boundary, steps from the site of yet another multipurpose building that is only just beginning to be constructed on the hill above the southwest corner of Durham Central Park.

I’d gotten most of the way down to Hunt Street when something lying on the ground caught my eye. I turned my head to the left and tried to puzzle out just what I was seeing.

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