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Notes on losing my hair, voluntarily and otherwise

January 13, 2016

By Matthew E. Milliken
Jan. 13, 2016

Around 18 years ago, I holed up in the bathroom of the house where I grew up and used an electric trimmer and a razor to shave off all my hair.

My parents were working on some project in the house whilst I did this and were completely unaware of my endeavor. When I emerged, newly bald, they were horrified; they seemed to think that I looked like a skinhead — a look, and a term, that I think they associated with racist neo-Nazis.

Later that day or soon afterward, I donned a trusty classic Stanford baseball cap and drove over to a local marketing firm where a couple of my friends worked. Uncharacteristically, I kept the hat on when I went inside. It took a few minutes before anyone noticed anything. (My friend J— said that she thought my hair was awfully short until she looked again and saw that I didn’t seem to have any hair at all.)

I felt a little self-conscious about my lack of hair, but that wore off. As it grew back in, I appeared to have a crew cut. The hair seemed bristly and coarse, but in fact it was extremely soft to the touch, like the fur of a puppy.

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