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On Thursday night: Act IV, Act V, Epilogue

September 28, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Sept. 28, 2015

And now, back to our story

Act IV.

We got down to 10 players — the final table, at least unofficially. I considered changing my spot at the end of the table, where my cards had been absolutely atrocious, but instead decided to stay where I was. I can be a stubborn cuss, I can.

I think we’d gotten down to nine players when I got what I’d waited oh, so long for: a pocket pair. They were a middle pair, eights — not great. But I’d been so starving for good cards that I shoved all in with hardly a moment’s thought.

Almost as soon as I did it, I had reservations. Lee, two spots to my left, was short stack at the table. I should have waited until he’d gone out, I told myself, due to the way World Tavern Poker allocates points. (The league accords significant value to a final table of eight people, so finishing eighth yields a significantly better haul of points than does finishing ninth.) But it was too late: I’d shipped my chips; I was committed.

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