Accessory shopping and getting back to normal

September 23, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Sept. 23, 2015

Just a few notes on my new laptop.

Data from the old laptop has been moved onto the new laptop; that went pretty smoothly. I also purchased an extended warranty and a protective case without incident.

Well, the extended warranty was acquired without incident, at least. I’m still a little bemused by the lengths I had to go to to get the case.

For some reasons, stores (online and otherwise) are overflowing with laptop sleeves; the same is true of coverings and cases for tablets. But a sleeve, at least to the best of my knowledge, won’t protect a computer unless it’s inserted into the sleeve, in which case the machine can’t be used. So I wanted a shell.

When I returned to the Apple Store in Raleigh’s Crabtree Valley Mall last week, I asked about laptop shells and was directed to the establishment’s back right corner. There I found, yes, a seemingly endless selection of sleeves and iPad cases. But there were only two or three different shells for sale.

After I picked out a couple, I attracted the attention of a store worker. She told me that one of the shells I’d selected really only protected against cosmetic damage, while she described the other — which cost twice as much — as an “impact case” that could afford some protection if the laptop fell on the ground or whatnot.

“Well,” I said*, “I’ve dropped computers before, so I guess I’ll take this.”

There was something else I wanted to get, however. I asked the employee if the store carried any film or covering that could be used to protect a laptop screen or keyboard. She told me the Apple Store had none of these, but I could try the Best Buy mini-store inside the mall or the full-sized store located beside it.

I paid my $100 — actually, with tax, closer to $107 — for the case and put it on before heading over to the Best Buys.

The mobile store within the mall hadn’t anything I wanted, so I hiked over to big-box store. They had one of the things that I was seeking — sort of. There weren’t any skins or membranes designed to protect the keyboard, but there was a film for the screen. Alas, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted; it’s one of those filters designed to make a screen unviewable to anyone who isn’t facing it more or less head-on.

I bought it anyway, for about $30, figuring that I didn’t have to use it if I didn’t want to. And in fact, I still haven’t tried it out.

So anyway, my machine is protected now, mostly — in a physical sense, at least. I need to start backing up my newly configured laptop; once that gets under way, everything will truly be back to normal.

And once I get the screen and keyboard covered, everything will be buttoned up as tightly as can be.


Standard disclaimer: Since I wasn’t taking notes or making recordings at the time of these events, all dialogue and thought bubbles are guaranteed to be only kind of, sort of accurate. Fortunately for you, the valued reader, this free blog comes with a money-back guarantee! 

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