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Tales of tavern championships, summer 2015 edition (part 3)

August 14, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 14, 2015

Saturday night, continued.

After I won the tavern championship semifinals at Buck’s Billiards on Saturday evening, the real work lay ahead: Winning the tavern championship finals.

The finals had two types of players: Those who were ranked in the top 10 throughout the season and those who were ranked below that but had fought their way out of the semifinals (as I just had). Regardless of rank, all of the players had participated in a minimum of 15 games at the venue that season.

Because 36 people had played in the semifinals, as many as four people were going to advance to the finals. But the top finishers in the semifinals included me, a man named Jake, and Dan and Dave, two players who were already in the top 10. So there would be a maximum of a dozen players in the championship.

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