Ask not for whom the sharknado tolls…

August 2, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 2, 2015

My contributions to the Sharknado canon, courtesy of some late-July Twitter brainstorming. Get at me, Syfy!

Sharknado 4: The Sharkening

Sharknado 5: Just When You Thought It was Safe to Leave the Storm Cellar…

Sharknado 6: Sharklahoma!

Sharknado 7: Into Sharkness

Sharknado 8: Sharky Shark and the Chum Gang

Sharknado 9: Left Shark Goes to Rio!

Sharknado 10: WTF?!

Sharknado 11: The Shark Awakens

Sharknado 12: Licensed to Shark

Sharknado 13: Zombies vs. Sharks

Sharknado 14: Sharknado Down Under!

Sharknado 15: A Long Day’s Journey into Jaws

Sharknado 16: Howard’s Bloody End

Sharknado 17: Frankenshark

Sharknado 18: No Shark You

Sharknado 19: Endless Sharknado

Sharknado XX: This Time, It’s Roman Numerals!

Sharknado 21: Don’t Drink and Shark

Sharknado 22: The Sharkness of the Lambs

Sharknado 23: A Shark to the System

Sharknado 24: An Unexpected Sharkness

Sharknado 25: The Dolphins Strike Back

Sharknado 26: Brought to You by Husqvarna

Sharknado 27: A Shark to Remember

Sharknado 28: Maybe We Should Have Listened to Brian Kilmeade, Guys

Sharknado 29: The Biting Reply

Sharknado 30: Now We’re Sharking!

Sharknado XXX: Revenge of the Loan Sharks*

Sharknado 31: Don’t Shark, Don’t Tell

Sharknado 32: Viva Shark Vegas!

Sharknado 33: Upshark

Sharknado 34: Real Surfers Don’t Need Chainsaws to Fight Sharks

Sharknado 35: Sharks-apalooza!

Sharknado 36: Cue the Pool Sharks

Sharknado 37: Of Sharks and Men

Sharknado 38: The Shark Also Rises

Sharknado 39: Their Eyes Were Watching Sharks

Sharknado 40: The Last One

Sharknado 41: Psych!

Sharknado 42: Thundersharks and Lightning (Very Very Frightening!)

My numbering went awry here, but I guess it’s possible to imagine the creators of Sharknado making the same mistake. 

† What’s up, shark?

‡ Not much, shark, how about you

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