Notes on tiny Kittrell, North Carolina

July 11, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
July 11, 2015

When you drive north along U.S. 1 from Raleigh, before you reach the city of Henderson, you’ll come across Kittrell, North Carolina.

To be frank, you might not notice Kittrell — and you could easily be forgiven for overlooking it. Here, according to the 2010 Census, were the populations of the three incorporated municipalities in Vance County, N.C.:

• Henderson (Vance County seat): 15,368.

• Kittrell: 467.

• Middleburg: 133.

If memory serves, Kittrell is a no-stoplight town. I worked for the daily newspaper in Vance County, which covered Vance and the counties immediately to its east and west, for more than four years. I can only remember going to Kittrell for work purposes once, to cover a community meeting about the proposed establishment of zoning authority in Vance County. (The proposal was quite controversial and was quashed by conservative rural property owners who were afraid the government would prevent them from doing whatever they wanted with their land.)

On another occasion, I covered a graduation ceremony at the Kittrell Job Corps Center, but according to this Google map, the facility (which I believe originated as a private institution, Kittrell College) actually isn’t within the town borders.

Speaking of things that aren’t inside of town borders, I had one connection — sort of — to the town: My landlord’s offices had a Kittrell mailing address, although technically it was located north of the municipality.

All of which is my (typically) long-winded setup for what I really want to write about: A small parcel of land just one block outside of the town’s borders.

More on that coming next week

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