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Science fiction time loop, take 1: The uneven ‘All You Need is Kill’ is most notable for having inspired ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

July 4, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
July 4, 2015

Last summer, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt starred in Edge of Tomorrow. I praised this dynamic military science-fiction movie as a likely classic of its subgenre, a motion picture that might one day be mentioned in the same breath as James Cameron’s seminal Aliens.

Somewhat to my surprise, the movie seemed to sink without a trace. True, it grossed $100 million domestically, but that was only the 33rd-biggest haul of 2014, per the website Box Office Mojo. (Edge fared better worldwide, selling $269 million in tickets overseas; the combined take gave it the 20th-highest worldwide gross of the year.)

Perhaps one reason Edge of Tomorrow fell into obscurity was that Warner Brothers had trouble committing to a title for the picture. It’s an adaptation of Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s short 2004 novel All You Need is Kill, and it was promoted under that title for much of the production process. Several months prior to release, however, the studio opted for the blander moniker Edge of Tomorrow. Then, for some reason — presumably because the film didn’t live up to box-office expectations — the suits rebranded the movie Live Die Repeat for its home-video release.

All of which is largely incidental to how excited I was to stumble upon a copy of Sakurazaka’s volume on a recent expedition to a secondhand book-, DVD- and CD-shop. Naturally, I snapped up the volume, which was the third printing of an Alexander O. Smith translation that originally appeared in the U.S. in 2009. Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed by the book.

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