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Comparing Apple laptops, part 2

May 6, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 6, 2015

Author’s note: In my previous post, I considered the pros and cons of three different Apple laptop computer models: the MacBook (no modifiers), the MacBook Pro (full stop) and the MacBook Pro with high-resolution Retina display — or as I like to call them, the MB, MBP/fs and the MBP/r. Today, I consider Apple’s other laptop, the MacBook Air. MEM 

Like the MBP/r, the MBA comes in two sizes. I feel that the 11-inch MacBook Air is a bit too small for my taste, so that leaves the 13-incher.

The 13-inch Air has a 1,440 by 900 pixel screen. Apple doesn’t call it a Retina display, but I thought it was a bit sharper than the screen on my 2009 MacBook Pro when I examined a model on a recent visit to an Apple Store. The onboard memory starts at 4 GB, which is what I have now; the battery is rated for up to 12 hours between charges, which is far, far better than my current computer’s endurance. The Air has two USB 3 ports, which would be faster than the older USB 2 ports my current model has, and a Thunderbolt port, which my 2009 model lacks. On all of these points except memory, the Air is ahead of what I now have.

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