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That was the place that was: Two films, one bookstore and a luxury hotel

April 28, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 28, 2015

As I was putting together the previous post, it struck me that the scenes that shared a location from the new feature film True Story and the new documentary Deep Web might have actually been filmed at a New York City bookstore, which is where we see a character in the True Story reading from his memoir at the end of that film. Perhaps, I mused, it could have been the Barnes & Noble at Union Square.

I did a couple of image searches, one of which — using the keywords “new york city” barnes & noble chandelier — led me to a 2013 video posted by Rizzoli Bookstore. A quick look at the video clinched it: This was the space that I’d seen in both films.

The video’s title proclaims Rizzoli to be “The Most Beautiful Bookstore in New York.” The label is immodest, but it may be apt.

Or at least, it may have been apt.

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