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Interview with an accused murderer: Thanks to numerous missteps, the based-on-a-true-story movie ‘True Story’ falls flat

April 24, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 24, 2015

About a third of the way into the new movie True Story, there’s a short but eerie scene in which journalist Mike Finkel (Jonah Hill) asks his girlfriend, Jill Barker (Felicity Jones), to look at a pair of manuscripts.

One is a book of notes Finkel took during his most recent reporting trip, a journey to Africa. The other is a 40-page letter, written by an accused murdered named Christian Longo (James Franco), which recounts much of his life, including the aftermath of the vicious slayings with which he is accused.

Finkel recorded his observations in a notebook using a pen, while Longo put pencil to legal paper. And yet both men have interrupted their fields of verbiage with doodles. The two very different texts are undeniably, and uncannily, similar.

The effect is eerie. Sadly, director-screenwriter Rupert Goold and scripting partner David Kajganich never really tie this short but unnerving scene into the rest of the film. The failure is emblematic: This is one of several effective but isolated moments that hint at the better movie that True Story could have been but isn’t.

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