A few more notes about this here blog

April 9, 2015

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 9, 2015

Time to update my standard blog disclaimer!

In November 2012, I wrote the following:

With some exceptions noted below, I have not requested or received any free items to be reviewed on MEMwrites; nor do I plan to request any. The blog is an entirely voluntary venture for which I am receiving no financial compensation. The only reward I derive from MEMwrites is the satisfaction I get from writing and from being read.

All of the books and movies that I have been reviewing on MEMwrites have been chosen by me without any outside prompting. With some exceptions noted below, I have purchased all of the books and movies reviewed on the blog myself.

Now, about those exceptions: Some of the items I’ve written about were borrowed from the Durham County Library, the free public library here in Durham, N.C. A number of the movies I’ve reviewed were streamed through the Crackle website, crackle.com, which is a free service. Since starting this blog, all of my dealings with both the library and Crackle have been conducted as a typical patron; I’ve had no special contact with officials or administrators of either organization.

I initially planned to post daily on this blog, but I found that pace a little hard to maintain. My revised goal is to have a new entry for each business day, with perhaps an extra post or two thrown in on the odd occasion.

About my schedule: Well, that was then; this is now. In 2014, I revised my goal to posting three or four times a week. (I haven’t checked, but I think I largely succeeded.) This year, I upped my goal to posting four or five times a week. (Again, I haven’t checked, but I think I’ve kept up for the most part.)

About some of those exceptions to the rule (the rule being “With some exceptions noted below, I have purchased all of the books and movies reviewed on the blog myself”):

• Some of the books and movies reviewed on the blog were gifts from my Parental Unit, who reads a lot, and who lets me have stuff that she’s finished; some were from my sibling and sibling-in-law. 

• After my tablet was stolen from my car (back in November 2013, I believe), I more or less stopped using Crackle.com. There’s no particular reason for this; the site is up and running

• Thanks to Twitter, I’m pals with a Durham computer software developer whose company, Open Software Integrators, recently rebranded itself as Mammoth Data. Mammoth is a partner of of the 2015 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, which built the festival’s iPhone and iPad app. (In the iTunes Store, the app is credited to Bull City Mobile, one of the corporate aliases of Open Software; the app itself has a “Sponsored by Mammoth Data” notice at the bottom of its “about” page.)

Anyway, as a sponsor, Mammoth got a nontrivial number of Full Frame passes. Since Mammoth only has a handful of employees, Andrew was kind enough to offer some to me and to a few other non-employees, free of strings. In return, I gave one of his employees a gift card for a pet store — a gesture which Andrew said was completely optional.

That’s the extent of the arrangement; Andrew didn’t ask for publicity, but here it is — and thanks again to him and to Mammoth for enabling me and some friends to attend the festival. 

Having updated those points, please permit me to conclude this item as I did my Nov. 26, 2012, post:

Let me know if you have any questions about MEMwrites by commenting below. If you like any particular blog entry, by all means leave a comment on that post. And if you’re moved to link to or otherwise spread the word about MEMwrites, that would be great.

That’s it for now. Please keep reading, folks, and take care!

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