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An unexpected lyric: A previously unknown (to me) Sinatra song suddenly summons nostalgia

December 2, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
Dec. 2, 2014

Occasionally, echoes of my childhood home pop up at the least expected times — and in the least expected songs.

That’s just what happened to me around 2:30 this afternoon when I was sitting in DaisyCakes, a bakery in downtown Durham, N.C. The sound system was playing classic big band songs, one of which was sung by Frank Sinatra.

“Let’s take a boat to Bermuda,” crooned the man with the golden pipes as the song began. “Let’s take a plane to St. Paul.”

Nothing too remarkable here. But my ears pricked up midway through the next couplet:

Let’s grab a kayak to Quincy or Nyack.
Let’s get away from it all.

Quincy is a city of about 93,000 residents located some 11 miles south-southeast of Boston, Mass. One could kayak — or, more plausibly, sail in a boat powered by wind or an engine — from downtown Boston through the mouth of the Mystic River, pass Logan International Airport, take a southerly turn through the Boston Harbor Islands and proceed into Quincy Bay before landing at Merrymount Park in Quincy. I’ve never been to Quincy.

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