Dream diary: The hallway to nowhere

October 5, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
Oct. 5, 2014

This morning, I dreamed that my parent, my sibling and I were making our way south through an urban environment that resembled, but surely was not, Manhattan. We were trying to escape from someone, possibly a family member. The situation changed, I think, at some point in the dream, so that we were later trying to find or reconnect with someone — possibly the same person whom we had earlier been trying to evade.

To this end, we stopped in a building that reminded me of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. We wanted to contact the authorities and pass on some kind of message — possibly including information about how the other person could find us — to be broadcast or passed along to that missing individual.

We were walking through the building, with myself in the lead. We passed through a door and found ourselves in a downward-sloping corridor, rather like a gangway leading to an airplane. There was a right angle in the corridor, and then the passage came to a doorway.

I looked through the portal and realized that it connected not to another part of the building (or to an airplane) but to a gangway, much as one would find on a maritime vessel.

A number of conflicting thoughts passed through my mind as I stared at the sight in front of me. One was that I very much wanted to step out onto the walkway. The other was that doing so might not be safe, because it might not be stable. Also, the gangway didn’t connect to anything; it was just (improbably) suspended high above the city.

The gangway’s end wasn’t closed off; it just opened into the sky. I had a vision of my parent tripping, which would in turn cause my sibling to fall, which would result in the three of us tumbling onto the gangway and being trapped there — or, worse, falling off.

Realizing this danger, I shouted a frantic warning: Stop! Stop! Turn back!

The three of us began hesitantly making our way back up the corridor, which was a much more difficult process than going down had been. I remember thinking that the hall was incredibly unsafe — there may not have been a handrail, and in some stretches the flooring was eroded and hard to get a footing on.

I think we made it back up safely. But that’s all that I remember from this morning’s dream.

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