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Me vs. the hornets: Round 2

August 11, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
Aug. 11, 2014

I stepped in it — again.

On Friday, my neighbor asked if I’d like him to trim my bushes around the house I rent. I happily agreed and zipped away on my bicycle.

When I returned home for lunch, the property looked much neater. Among other things, the branches that overhung the small space between the side of my house and the woods had been snipped. This made access to the area much simpler — I could just walk into it without having to push leaves and tree limbs out of my face.

Up until late June, I’d kept my bicycle chained to the fence in this spot. That changed after I stepped on a hornets nest — a mildly painful and fairly terrifying experience — which prompted me to lock my bike to the front porch.

But seeing the more-or-less well-kempt grounds, I decided it was time to give my old bike-chaining spot a go.

That proved to be a mistake.

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