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Two nights, three hands: More tales of free poker

May 12, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 12, 2014

Thursday night. I’m at the final table. This isn’t a particularly impressive feat, as the tournament started with fewer than 20 people. Still, I’m there, and I’m in the running for the top three.

But I felt more comfortable at the other table. There, I was getting cards. Here, at the final table? Eh, not so much.

Then I’m dealt paired face cards. This pleases me. I go all-in.

I get one caller, a player whose name may or may not be Mike. (Let’s call him that.) He’s a tall, well-built gentleman, evidently of Hispanic heritage, with his black hair cut extremely short on the sides. He also, I have come to know, has a propensity for playing pure junk.

Such is the case in this hand. When the pot is right, we flip our cards. I reveal my pocket queens. Mike shows…eight-two? (I can’t recall if they were suited or not.)

Out comes the flop. It has no effect on either of our hands.

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