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The night my nut flush was trumped by a runner-runner full house

May 2, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
May 2, 2014

Free poker. The tournament is small: There are two tables with five players apiece, but the other table has already lost one participant.

My stack is relatively small, in large part because I paid 2,000 chips to see the flop in a hand for which I had matched nines in the hole. Three hearts came out, my opponent went all in, and I folded. He showed his hand: A pair of queens.

Now I’m dealt ace-eight face down, both hearts. I think someone bets either eight or maybe twelve before the flop, on a hand where the big blind is 400. At least three players see the flop.

And oh, what a flop it is: two-nine-five, all hearts. I now have an ace-high flush, which is the best possible hand given the number of cards on the board.

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