My dream of the transported textbooks

April 16, 2014

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 16, 2014

A dream from this morning.

I’m in a large second-hand store. Fluorescent lights hang from the ceiling. The floor and shelves — not to mention most of the other items in the shop — look as though they haven’t gotten a good scrubbing in at least three years.

I climb a ladder to get something from a high shelf. (What it was, I no longer recall.) Peering to the other side of the shelf, I notice the textbook section. I grow excited: There might be something in that section that I would enjoy or I could use. (It is something specific, but the exact nature again has faded from memory.) But not just at this moment — I need to focus on what I’m doing. Browsing the textbooks must wait…

However, when the time comes to go look at the textbooks, something funny happens: I can’t locate them. I circle the area where I thought the textbooks were, but I can’t find them. I re-ascend the ladder I was perched upon when I first saw the texts, but that doesn’t help. I am baffled and frustrated.

Subsequently, I am outside, dressed in winter gear. I am walking along the street where I grew up. There has been a tremendous snowfall, or at least a huge accumulation of snow. Mounds seem to be at least six feet high, and perhaps significantly taller than that.

I turn onto the driveway of the house where I was raised. The driveway has been cleared. I start going uphill, eager to see the view from the top of the snow. I slip…

And I awaken. I am annoyed still by my failure from the previous dream, or maybe it was the previous segment of the same dream. Why couldn’t I find the textbooks? I had done everything right. The collection of texts couldn’t simply have moved in the few minutes between when I first spotted them and when I went to go browsing.

Then I remember that my frustration was borne of my subconscious, not of reality. I feel as though a burden has lifted: Ah, it was a dream, and things can just disappear in dreams. Strangely, I’m relieved. It wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t find those books…

What does it all mean?

I leave you, dear readers, to draw your own conclusions.

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