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Right-wing blogger finds criminals, criminals everywhere — but not a criminal charge can be found involving an Obamacare-affiliated group

November 2, 2013

By Matthew E. Milliken
Nov. 2, 2013

If you happened to visit the conservative website this weekend and scrolled down to the very bottom, you might have noticed an article with this headline: “Arrests, Citations Lurk at Union Group Approved by Obama Admin to Promote ObamaCare in Wisconsin.”

The story, by Brian Sikma, was published on Oct. 31 at 4:30 p.m. Here are its first two paragraphs:

Among the 165 groups approved by the Obama Administration to promote or set-up [sic] ObamaCare in Wisconsin is Wisconsin Jobs Now, a liberal get-out-the-vote group affiliated with the SEIU. According to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, the organization is working as a certified application counselor, or CAC. Numerous individuals who have been employed by Wisconsin Jobs Now or who work there now have been investigated, arrested or cited by law enforcement agencies for legal violations.

Wisconsin Jobs Now is not a health insurance group or healthcare provider. It is strictly a community organizing outfit. During elections it runs one of the largest voter turnout efforts in support of Democratic candidates in Wisconsin.

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