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One day soon I’m going to tell the moon about ‘The Crying Game’

October 26, 2013

By Matthew E. Milliken
Oct. 26, 2013

Recently, I happened across a mention on Twitter of The Crying Game, writer/director Neil Jordan’s 1992 film about a British soldier captured by IRA terrorists.

In truth, I don’t remember much about the film — except for the Big Twist, which I will proceed to spoil shortly. (Consider this your final warning; proceed at your own risk.) I do distinctly remember the circumstances under which I saw the film, because it was a rather…awkward situation.

That’s right: I saw The Crying Game with my grandma S. and an attractive woman whom I’ll call T. In case you‘re not familiar with the film, it is most definitely not a family movie. About midway through the picture, a character is revealed to be either a transvestite or transsexual. (I can’t remember which; it’s been a long time since I saw the film, and as I said, I don’t remember much about it.)

This revelation occurs happens after the two main characters have engaged in what I recall as being a fairly graphic on-screen sex act. (At least, it certainly was for the time…and the company I was in.)

To reiterate, this does not make for good family fare; nor did it make good conversational fodder for the awkward, nerdy young person that I was back then. (For the record, these days, I am slightly less awkward and nerdy, and markedly less young, than I was at the time.)

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