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25 listicles that I will never write

July 10, 2013

By Matthew E. Milliken
July 10, 2013

15 Grumpy-Looking Cats

Seven Lively Sins

Great Britain’s 10 Best-Loved Prepositions

13 Exemplary Uses of Onomatopoeia in 20th-Century American Children’s Literature

O-High-Ohhh!: The 11 Longest Punts in Ohio Pop Warner Football

17 Dog-Goned Good Dogs

Cappuccin-O: Nine Cutting-Edge Coffeehouses in Eugene, Oregon

14 for ’14: Knitting Blogs that Will Keep You in Stitches in 2014

Poe-Tay-Toe, Poe-Tah-Toe: Six Top Word Pronunciation Controversies

The Fulsome 15: Top Fullbacks of the National Football League Read the rest of this entry »

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