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The rather dull story of one man and a dog on the fringes of Sandy — Part 1 of 2!

November 28, 2012

Note: This is the first entry in a two-part post about, well, the rather dull story of one man and a dog on the fringes of Sandy. The not-so-exciting conclusion of this rather mundane tale will appear on this blog tomorrow!


It didn’t occur to me when I went to New York on Oct. 22, 2012, that my stay there might be extended by a week.

The trip had been on my calendar for a while. I had volunteered to dog-sit for a close personal acquaintance I’ll refer to as R, who was flying out to the West to visit family for a few days. Happily, my journey to New York would not only enable me to see old friends, it would also allow me to obtain a well-maintained used car at a good price.

R was set to fly out on Thursday, Oct. 25, and return the following Monday. As R’s departure approached, R and I were both aware of Sandy, the large storm that was moving north. As it happens, my schedule is flexible, so I was happy to ride out the storm if need be. I figured my return drive would only be delayed by two or three days at worst.

The dog I was caring for is a four-year-old, 70-pound yellow Labrador named Lucky, a very friendly and good-natured dog who is precious to R. As well behaved as Lucky has been, in my experience, I had no wish to bring her to a shelter unless it was absolutely necessary. I also wanted to minimize whatever hardship the storm might impose.

So as Sandy’s chances of affecting the greater New York metropolitan area grew from highly likely to a dead certainty, I made plenty of preparations. I stocked up on groceries. I filled my car’s gas tank. I bought a 15-pound bag of dog food and left it in my trunk in case Lucky and I did need to evacuate. Read the rest of this entry »

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