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Psychological thriller ‘Unthinkable’ contemplates torture and ticking bombs

November 20, 2012

Special Agent Helen Brody and her Los Angeles-based FBI counterterrorism team have spent the past nine months keeping tabs on area Muslims whom some believe to have violent inclinations. They have yet to find any actual evidence of terrorism.

Suddenly, every television channel on the dial begins showing pictures of Steven Arthur Younger and three separate rooms. Younger, a white-skinned American man of no particular physical distinction, is reported to be armed and extremely dangerous; the public is asked to report any sighting immediately.

The next day, Brody’s boss, Assistant Director Jack Saunders, reassigns her team to an abandoned, isolated high school that has been repurposed as a secretive Army base. Saunders, Brody and her agents are then shown a video recorded by Younger.

Younger identifies himself as a devout Muslim. He has hidden three nuclear bombs in three American cities, he says. Unless his demands are met, the bombs will detonate in a few days, at noon Pacific time on Friday, Oct. 21. Younger makes no demands, instead proceeding to show three nuclear bombs in three locations. He displays and describes the bombs in great detail. He does not identify the specific locations or cities in which he has placed the nuclear devices.

The public has been shown still frames of the three rooms from the video, all scrubbed of any sign of a bomb. Brody’s team must find the weapons before they explode.

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