August 27, 2012

In the weeks since I’ve started this blog, a number of readers have been kind enough to like and follow it. By way of thanks, I’m going to highlight some recent posts by these fellow bloggers that I found interesting.

• Lesley Carter takes a look at Wentworth Mansion of Charleston, S.C., for her Bucket List Publications travel blog. The post is illustrated with a number of gorgeous photos.

• Cristian Mihal reviews Yesterday’s Gone, a serialized novel by Sean Platt and David W. Wright about a Rapture-like scenario in which most of Earth’s population suddenly vanishes.

• Mihal discusses his personal experiences as struggling new writer.

• The Palisades Pete blog has a really nifty format. Every post provides 10 facts about its subject. Here are 10 facts about the original TV Superman, George Reeves; William Wallace, who fought for Scottish independence; and Lois Lane, Superman’s girlfriend. Did you know Lois had her own comic book, which ran from 1958 to 1974? News to me!

• Writer Ellis Nelson reviews Chaos Code, a young adult supernatural mystery by Justin Richards.

• The Blah Blah Blog examines some unusual punctuation marks.

• The Blah Blah Blog considers empathy, sympathy and the psychological effects of being a regular contributor to a health blog.

• Couch Potato Society offers a perceptive review of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. (I myself labeled the film a glorious mess in my review and wrote a follow-up post after my second viewing of the movie.)

• Couch Potato Society examines the latest Sight & Sound survey of critics about the best films of all time.

• Curnblog reviews a number of movies from the Melbourne International Film Festival, including Room 237, a documentary about the obsession some movie fanatics have with Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror feature, The ShiningRampart, which stars Woody Harrelson as a rogue Los Angeles cop (and which has seen only a very limited released in the U.S., if I understand correctly); and Dark Horse, the Todd Solondz movie about a romance between two unhappy people.

I hope you enjoy these posts. Please let me know what you think about this blog, please invite your friends to visit and, above all, please keep on reading!


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